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WiFi Advertising: A case study.
The objective of this action marketing and WiFI Promotion was to promote the "WiFi Pocket" service Swedish mobile operator 3.

Today, everyone uses mobile phones and portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers and many people are also looking for a free internet access, further segment of younger users.

In this action the stage was the Stockholm Central Station where many people waiting to match outputs and connections, sometimes delayed. A key for a long time connected to the Internet instead.

First, both a secure, independent, free public WiFi access was created. This WiFi network was named "Looking for WiFi? ".

When users were accessing the WiFi network were redirected to a web page where 3, the telephone operator who has a shop inside the station asked if it was not time to get your own WiFi.

The advertising message also included information about other products and how to locate the store 3 Store, which was right next door.

Satisfied users not only got what they wanted, a WiFi connection for internet access, but the message reached the target audience needed WiFi. A few steps from the store that offered the solution.

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