WiFi Advertising

WiFi Advertising

Offer promotions on your Free WiFi to attract customers

About Wisphere WiFi Marketing Experiences
Wisphere is a proximity marketing product based on WiFi technology developed by the team of Engineering and Online Marketing at the Digital Nature Company.

This company based in Alicante, Spain, has been designing and developing digital marketing oriented strategies since 1995 with great campaign and product success.

In 2006, Digital Nature launched its first Proximity Marketing product based on Bluetooth technology, called Zonablu which has been installed at more than 5,000 locations worldwide, including Northern Europe, South America and Asia.

Wisphere is developed and supported by a team of engineers and Electronic Marketing experts capaable of combininge the most advanced wireless technology with the latest advances in communications for smartphones, all aimed at enabling different sales experiences adapted to new behavior and new media, mobile devices, tablets and smartphones.

Wisphere is good because to an open and free WiFi connection it adds the possibility that the  WiFi provider can offer its content, products, services and promotions to the connected users it also protects the network with a fully secure environment the business and its users.

Users also benefit because they gain free WiFi internet access saving them good money on their data contracts, offering additional information, security and fixed points to connect to as if it were an urban oasis.

At Wisphere, we think that for something to work, it must be good for all parties and if it is useful all the better.

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