WiFi Advertising

WiFi Advertising

Offer promotions on your Free WiFi to attract customers

WiFi Marketing Applications
WiFi Marketing ApplicationsHotel and catering establishments usually provide free WiFi to your customers, or young travelers who need to connect to internet.

Tourist information points. It is very common among tourists and the need to have a free WiFi connection to check email or access to social networks. Wisphere the traveler with internet access via a Free WiFi connection change and can provide tourist information of interest close to the connection point.

Public transport stations, airports and interchanges. Those places are few minutes expected good place to connect to the internet. In these places, we can provide information on incidents in the transmission or commercial information to advertisers or sponsors free WiFi. Even in the interior of an aircraft in flight could operate without problem.
Shopping centers and supermarkets. The developed system allows the composition of a network that allows access points to cover large spaces WiFi allowing even offer different content depending on the area where we are. For example, if we are in the DIY section, we could get some tips sponsored by a brand or product.

Franchise chains. According to the latest data coming into our company increasingly users consulting the internet and compare prices and products at the point of sale in the areas of electronics, appliances and are mainly retail. It is therefore a great opportunity to offer it inserted into the free WiFi provided by the hotel, offers and promotions to help users make purchasing decisions on site.

Leisure, culture and museums. It would be great to walk through a museum and follow our mobile phone a guided tour of the web via WiFi that we are providing the museum itself, but not before offering information on upcoming exhibitions visit. Wisphere option allows captive portal, which allows browsing in a domain exclusively, for example www.museodelprado.es
Schools and college campuses. Because technological profile of these users to them would be useful to have free internet access. The center can leverage to distribute information to all users who will be compulsorily view after connecting to free WiFi network.

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