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WiFi Router
A router is a device used to connect networks together, such as multiple PCs in the office or at home, to the Internet. This can be done via cables or by transferring data wirelessly via WiFi medianet.

WiFi Routers perform the same functions as wired routers, but also allow you to create a wireless network. The different computers forming the network communicate amongst themselves via radio waves. Drilling holes in the walls to run cables is not necessary.

How to boost the signal of your WiFi Router

There are several possible strategies. You can use any or all of them simultaneously:

Find the best location for your Wi-Fi router.

Keep it as far away as possible from sources of interference.

Those affecting routers the most are microwaves, camcorders, and cordless telephones. Other sources of interference include walls, glass, mirrors, and powerful appliances such as televisions.

Try placing it in a central location.

Imagine the coverage area like a sphere with the router at its center. If you place the router near a wall, the sphere will be blocked on that side and the range in the adjoining room is reduced.

Think about where laptops or other devices you want to connect to the WiFi will operate from. Place the router in a central position relative to them. This is especially important if they will be scattered throughout various parts of a house or office. Aim the router antennas appropriately.

If the router has antennas, aim them in the direction of the devices that you are connecting to the wireless network. Do not hide the router or its antenna either behind or below the TV or other devices. Do not place it inside a closeable cabinet. Place your computer or WiFi device as close as possible to the router.

This is the simplest and cheapest option if other options are few when positioning your router.

Make sure no one is connected to your WiFi.

Do not use wireless mice or keyboards.

Avoid using Bluetooth network adapters. If your computer has Bluetooth integrated, turn it off when not in use. If necessary, consult the PC manual to find out how.

Change the router for a more powerful one.

Some routers tolerate interference better than others and because of that their coverage is greater.

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