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Proximity Marketing: Keys.

Talking proximity marketing today is indisputable geolocation, mobility and interaction synonymous. These actions are operating efficiently today, one of the cornerstones of the distribution of a commercial message.

The geolocation has been a radical change in concepts related to marketing and advertising specifically for local businesses.

The large increase of smartphones and tablets has served to launch proximity marketing strategies and mobile marketing. A social and communication universe acts and provides for the integration of new features functions directly related to the location of the commercial target.

What are the benefits for local businesses proximity marketing strategies?

Contextual advertising linking the subject with their immediate environment allows the creation of local communities in simultaneous action with global growth strategies brand.

In practice observe a released in the environment near the product or service message links that space with the brand and the user environment.

Allows providing real-time information about the nearest services to customers.

Geolocation and loyalty found in the prizes, discounts, coupons, etc. ...a great ally for the expansion of local businesses, thanks to proximity marketing materializes with customer loyalty.

Proximity marketing allows plants processing techniques immediately to loyal customer, an "influencer" of our brand, thus achieving our strategy of optimizing customer loyalty.

Metrics and analysis. The geolocation allows the production of all kinds of data, from customer location, identification of habits, customs, interests and, therefore, needs still to be met.

The use of digital media as performed by WiFi Marketing strategies enable the creation of messages quickly, flexible, personalized and cost.

What are the advantages for customers and consumers?

Social interaction, from the location, moving in real time, which awakens playful and sexy (gamification) aspect, which encourages participation.

Instant access to information on the exact location where to find the product or service and meet your need.

Receiving promotions, coupons, discounts, with which to access their preferred locations.

Free access to the best search engine recommendations that ever lived. Really with proximity marketing strategies we are recommending users what interests the advertiser.

We must not forget that both smartphones and tablets, are indispensable today for today's consumer. All we retrieve, we believe, we share, we learn, we educate, permanent connectivity from your mobile device. Permanent and massive leverage that to attract, retain and evangelize our customers connectivity, is an opportunity that any marks, personal or business, you must let go.

In this light Wisphere and WiFi marketing strategies also provide the user connectivity and internet access for free by completing the range of needs and proximity marketing strategy.

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